Freeze Panes

When you are working with large spreadsheets in Excel then it is very useful to have the headings at the top of the columns and the left of the rows to remain in place so you can see what data you are looking at or entering. Freezing panes allows you to keep this information in view at all times and there are several options that you have when using this feature.

Freezing The Top Row And First Column

1. Click on the View tab which can be found in the ribbon at the top of the screen.
Freeze Panes

2. In the center of the ribbon, there is an option for Freeze Panes. This will open a drop down menu where you will find an option for Freeze Top Row and Freeze First Column which you should click on. You can click on just one of these options or both of them, depending on what you need for your more about formulas in excel at

3. Once you have done this then a thick black line should appear below the top row or the first column. You can check if it has worked by scrolling down or across and checking whether the top row or the left hand column stays in place.

 Freeze Panes

Freezing User Defined Columns And Rows

You can choose which columns and rows you want to freeze other than the one at the top and on the left. To do this you need to choose an active cell. You are then able to freeze all columns to the left of the cell and all rows above it.

1. Click on the cell that you want to be the active cell. Remember all everything above and to the left of this cell will be frozen.

2. Click on the View tab of the ribbon and select the option for Freeze Panes which will open a drop down menu. From here you will be able to select both columns and rows.

3. A thick black line will appear on the row above and on the column to the left of …